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All The Feels Activities for Preschool and Toddlers

Children are often scared or confused, and many times they don’t know how to communicate it.  Some hide behind pacifiers, while others scream relentlessly down the aisles of the grocery store.  It’s tiring, and we don’t understand what their problems are.  We think they are mad, we think they are sad, we think they are just downright difficult, and they are, because their level of communication varies from our own.  It’s like a strictly Spanish speaking tourist attempting to gain directions from a strictly German resident.

I mean seriously haven’t you ever wanted to just break down into a tantrum when standing behind the person that bought 378 items with 376 accompanying coupons at the grocery store?  Don’t we sometimes in private let out a screaming “WHY!” as we bang on our steering wheel in unplanned traffic?  Well, you can play contrary all you want, but I seriously have.  It’s what is innate in us, showing our emotions is sometimes the best answer and for our children who don’t understand the words to communicate those feelings, it is the only answer.

In this unit, I offer a variety of fun and easy child-focused activities so to spend a week on understanding not only how to communicate their emotions but to understand and cope with them.  These do not have to be completed in any order, or in a week’s time, nor is this a one time program.  I have been practicing this unit bi-annually with my kids since my stepson was 3, and it is one of their absolute favorites.

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Our Little Castle Presents- Lesson Plans (9)

Day One: Understanding Emotions

  • What Are Emotions?
  • Happy Hippo Angry Duck
  • Improv Play
  • Moody Monsters



Our Little Castle Presents- Lesson Plans (10)

Day Two & Three:  Bad Hair Days

  • When Everything Goes Wrong
  • Jack O Lantern Faces
  • Candy Patterns
  • Mood Matching
  • Our First Haircut


Our Little Castle Presents- Lesson Plans (12)

Day Four: Dealing with Grouchiness

  • The Grouchy Lady Bug
  • The Publishing Process
  • Lady Bug Crafts



Our Little Castle Presents- Lesson Plans (14)

Day Five: Expressing Emotions Through Art and Symbols

  • My Many Colored Days
  • Watercolor
  • Discuss and Reflect: Feelings in Nature



Bonus:  An Essay on Dealing With Grief

Everyday Routines to get started and conclude our day:

Circle Time For Emotions Week:

Song Time:

The More We Get Together

Happy And You Know It Revisited

  • Happy- Laugh away
  • Mad- Cross Your Arms
  • Frustrated- Stomp Your Feet
  • Excited- Jump up and Down
  • Sad- Make a Frown
  • Scare Hide your Face

Open Shut Them


ABC Review- Focus on AEIOU

Counting 1-10

Introduction To Day:

How Do you feel Today?

Story Time

Quiet Time

For each, I have set up four boxes for quiet independent focus time.  Each day the kids are to pick a different box to try.  Each activity attempted they will receive a sticker on the day.  Four Stickers at the end of the week equal a reward on Friday.

  • Jack O Lantern Felt Faces
  • Candy Patterns
  • Jack O Lantern Counting/Matching Game
  • Emotion Matching


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