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9 Must-Haves for Every Home School Classroom

I have been educating children from home for more than 7 years, now.  I have tried many different concepts, manners, and products, each one I just knew would give me that ‘ah-ha’ solution to make my classroom easier more functional.  Some did, and some did not.   Whether your home school workspace is a designated classroom, play area, or dining room table these are the items I have found to be the best solutions for kids, my curriculum, and my home.

This selection should be the basic fundamentals used to start your school year, your summer readiness, or a refreshing reboot to what is just not working for you right now.

9 Must Have Basics for Your Homeschool Classroom

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Samsung Galaxy View

Let’s face it, we are in the age of technology, and the technology in your classroom should be as versatile as your lifestyle. It’s a pricey investment, but the technology you use is the entire powerhouse of your classroom.  This one ‘do-it-all’ tablet makes it less likely to have to purchase any additional computers or tablets for a long time into the future.

The perks of this are easy:

  • Portable
  • Touchscreen
  • Visible

The Samsung Galaxy View has an 18″ screen, which is large enough to watch videos and presentations but the attached handle and light weight of it make clearing the dinner table every night effortless.  It can also move with you, I do my lesson planning and presentation building from my office or even bed, and then the teaching in their playroom or dining room.  The touchscreen also makes it easier for small hands to work it.  Great for apps like ABC Mouse, PBS Kids,  and any other kid-friendly educational resource out there.

Purchase it here.

Dry Erase Board

Give yourself space to write without having a permanent giant whiteboard on your wall.  This Dry Erase board is easy to set up and even easier to stow away in a closet for when class is no longer in session.

Side Note: Don’t forget to load up on plenty of dry erase markers and an eraser before you need them.

Purchase it here.


Carry-All Storage

I have had a carry-all container just like this one since day one.  It’s now bursting at the seams with feathers and felt squares oozing out from under its lid, but there is no replacing it.

In this container, I can easily transport all craft supplies into and out of our homeschool workspace with one quick swoop.

Purchase it here.

Tabletop Dry Erase

This is more a tool for learning rather than teaching.  Not much room for the presentation, but perfectly sized for writing practice!  Magnetic, and dry erase marker friendly the functions and uses of this could save you a bundle in paper and lead to a variety of classroom uses!

Might I suggest Dry Erase Markers with Erasers attached in this case?

Purchase it here.

A Great Children’s Dictionary

What a fun playful dictionary that is welcoming and attractive to young eyes.  A great bonus is it even includes the made-up words of Roald Dahl.

Purchase it here. Or..


Awesome All In One Craft Pack

There is no memorable lesson plan that is not topped off with a little pom-pom and pipe cleaner action.  Don’t go out and purchase them every time you need them, make your life easier and just get stocked up now, and toss it into your Carry-All.

Purchase it here.

Construction Paper

Get loaded up on construction paper, and have the base element of about 90% of your classroom activities.  Just like the craft supplies, buy in bulk now, this will dwindle quickly, and you’d rather be prepared, rather than running to the store every week to spend more over time on smaller packs.

Purchase it here.

School Supplies


I feel like we spent like 200 dollars in basic school supplies to send my daughter to Kindergarten last year.  This bundle is the base of everything for less than thirty dollars.  A terrific starting point for preschool to elementary aged children.

Purchase it here.


Amazon Prime


As Amazon Prime Subscribers we have access to so many great resources through video, music, and more!  PBS Kids, original playful content like Tumble Leaf, and so many apps available through free time.  Another great perk of Amazon Prime, for those areas that have it, is one to two-hour delivery!  Perfect for the mom of three who frequently forgets that one thing at the store and would have to tow the kids to pick it up.

Amazon does off a 30 day free trial for the person who just may want to try it out.

Try Amazon Prime


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