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The Art of Engineering Unit

Is there anything more inspiring then studying the inspirations of the greatest innovators of all time?  I think this every year, but this year was definitely the best summer of learning fun yet, and so many of these lessons were so incredibly simple, considering we had spent the majority of our summer living out of a hotel room.

As I normally release my lessons on a slow measure, with current global situations I’m trying to push this one out as fast as my little fingers will allow.  That being said, please excuse the typos.

Week one: The Renaissance & Understanding “Ideas”

  • Day One: What is an idea?
    • Middle Ages
    • Silk Road
    • Barriers in Communication in the Middle Ages
    • Activity For All Ages: Secret Scroll
    • Activity For All Ages: Illuminated Manuscripts of Middle Ages
    • Activity For Older Kids: Beowulf Close Reading & Reflection
  • Day Two: Great Renaissance Artists
    • Great Minds of the Renaissance
    • Engineering in Raffaello’s Art
    • Activity: Drawing with Space
    • Engineering in Michelangelo’s Art
    • Activity: Soap Carving
  • Day Three: Galileo
    • Galileo and the Telescope
    • Astronomy
  • Day Four: Shakespeare
    • Poetry & Plays
    • An active  close reading for all ages

Week Two

  • Day One: DaVinci the Artist
    • Legends of the Mona Lisa
    • Doodle Notebook
    • Texture in Art
  • Day Two: DaVinci the Scientist
    • Younger Kids: Davinci’s Scientific Observations
    • Younger Kids: Inventions of DaVinci
    • Older Kids: What is significant about Vitruvian Man
    • Older Kids: Exploring Advanced Geometry Concepts
  • Day Three: DaVinci the Architect
    • What is Architecture?
    • Build a DaVinci Bridge
  • Day Four: What is an engineer?
    • KWL
    • Different kinds of engineers
    • Creating our own solutions

Week Three: Architecture and Civil engineering

  • Day One: What is Civil Engineering?
    • Things That Make a City Work
    • Activity: Putting it to work
  • Day Two: Types and Features of Architecture
    • Types of Architecture Slide Show
    • Activity: Features of Architecture Styles
  • Day Three: Building A House
    • Younger Kids: What goes into building a house?
    • Younger Kids: Activity: Three Little Pigs & Structure
    • Older Kids: What goes into building a House?
    • Older Kids: Activity: The art of drafting
  • Day Four: Frank Lloyd Wright
    • The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
    • Activity: Finding inspiration in nature

Week Four: Electrical Engineering

  • Day One: What is electrical Engineering?
    • The Basics: How does electricity work? (AC VS DC)
    • Activity: playing with Circuits
  • Day Two: What are Atoms anyway?
    • What are Atoms?
    • Who invented Television
    • Building and Understanding Atoms
  • Day Two: Tesla
    • Tesla VS Edison video
    • Who is Tesla?
    • Activity: Creating Electricity
  • Day Three: Eco-Friendly Energy
    • Different forms of eco-friendly energy
    • BioMass Experiment
    • Activity: Design a house with Eco-Friendly Solutions

Week Five Mechanical Engineering

  • Day one:  What is Mechanical Engineering?
    • The Basics of Physics
    • Outside Experiments
  • Day Two: The Wright Brothers
    • Who were the Wright Brothers
    • Activity: Testing flight
  • Day Three: What Mechanical Engineering Study is Complete without…
    • Who was Rube Goldberg
    • Activity: Mouse Trap or Invent your own Gizmo
  • Day Four a Review of Engineering
    • What did we learn?
    • And ending project.

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