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6 Favorite Art Supplies That Cure Summer Boredom

For several years now the kids and I have been through a sea of different art projects and supplies as we explore the world around us each summer and school year.   Although it is fun to find exciting new supplies the kids have our basic staples that seem to get us through just about any art project that may come our way.

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Oil Pastels

Our Absolute, all time, favorite art supply is our Crayola brand oil pastels.  As opposed to pastels that we have purchased through art kits and more professional shops, the Crayola brand makes a product that is not only affordable but easy for the kids to master, and quickly grow their creative confidence.

Activity inspiration with oil pastels: Georgia O’Keefe Skull , Fauvism like Matisse, and Kandinsky Circles

Multimedia Paper

We have long since left construction paper in the dust.  The thickness and weave of multimedia paper may not be the the most alluring to a prize winning watercolor expert, but it greatly enhances the quality of work that comes out of the supplies you’ve purchased for your in-home classroom.  And that high quality result will encourage your little Rembrandt to excitedly return to their easels tomorrow.


Activity inspiration with Multi-Media paper: Just anything Kandinsky


Paint brushes

As I’m sure all of my true artist friends are about to absolutely cringe, but this is where I skimp out on my budget.  This 8 dollar set is reliable, the brush hairs remain in tact and we receive decent continuous use out of these brushes (well so long as we rinse them after each use).

Activity inspiration with paintbrushes: Be a real Artist with Grandma Moses, Soft Edges with Matisse, or Make impressions with Monet

Water Colors

You cannot…let me repeat…you cannot have enough watercolor sets!  Crayola’s once again has proven most cost effective and kid-friendly of all the brands that we have tried.  Each watercolor set can withstand an incredible amount of art projects, and they never go bad.  Not to mention that they are low maintenance easy clean up, making this a welcomed activity day after day. I love to keep these in serious supply.

Activity inspiration with watercolors: Monet’s Waterlilies, Cope with Anxiety, or Explore the Ocean Levels

Mod Podge

I don’t care who you are.  If you aren’t using Modge Podge, are you even crafting?  Modge Podge has not only served as a great medium to aid in collage or decoupage, it has also bailed us out of some sticky glue shortages throughout history.  I always have a bottle…or three handy.

Activity inspiration with oil pastels: Collage with Matisse, Get funky with Frida, or mache’ a Powhatan Wigwam

Scented Markers

I mean is it even art time if we aren’t sniffing markers??  While I can’t say I’ve ever had a washable marker I was displeased with, the kids I believe would have to rate Mr. Sketch’s scented marker up there with P.J. Masks and Disney World, on the list of top childhood necessities.

Activity inspiration with Washable Markers: Go abstract like Picasso , get spotty with Monet, or print multiples like Warhol

My Color Workbook


I suppose I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t share my completely and totally free workbook on my Teacher Pay Teachers account!  It doesn’t matter the medium, watercolor ,washable paint, or oil pastels, this workbook is a fun first step for young artists, presenting multiple opportunities to explore color.

Activity inspiration for the “My Color Book”: Get Back to Basics with these 5 activities.


Have I missed anything that you have found you can’t live without??  Please let us know your arts and crafts favorites in the comments!

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