Earth's Layers

The Earth’s Layers: Geology For Kids

One cannot even begin to fathom geology without first understanding the earth’s layers, and what makes up our planet.  This is day one of a four day adventure rocking geology.


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Day One: Earth’s Layers



[ jee-oluh-jee ]

noun,plural ge·ol·o·gies.

the science that deals with the dynamics and physical history of the earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the earth has undergone or is undergoing.

(The internet is so full of some great enriching science videos!  I include a variety of informative and interactive throughout the week.)

Warm Up

This is not your everyday read-aloud book for circle time.  This fold out book explores the Earth deeper underneath the ground that is visible to us.  This book covers everything we will explore over the next week.  Instead of classically reading it, lay it out and let the children explore it, ask questions, read the snippets they find curious.  And then ask them what their thoughts are?  (Their Hypothesis) What questions do they have as we enter into this week?  

Fill in the K-W of a K-W-L chart (know, want to know, Learned).

The Study: Earth’s Layers

Now that we understand that geology covers a wide range of studies, we can now clarify our focus on today’s topic.  Let’s Hypothesize!

  • What is the earth made out of? 
  • Can we dig to the other side? 
  • Why or why not?

Story Time

The Book selection for today is Planet Earth/Inside Out.

Like our first book, this is not the type of storybook that may entrance young readers, but it is an amazing resource full of facts and illustrations. 

I would introduce this book, and thumb through the pictures, offering a fact included here and and there.  

But most importantly this book should be explored hands on by the children.  Let them turn the pages, ask questions, and take in our planet.

The Activity:

What was learned?  Was our hypothesis correct?

Let’s Build a model!  We used the Crayola clay I had purchased for our African study two years ago!

Have I told you how much I love yet??  It is perhaps my favorite educational program of all time!  So many resources, great worksheets, and responsive gamification that keeps me, the parent, in the loop. (And I receive zero compensation for this opinion.) 

Anyways.  I printed out labeling worksheets of the earth’s layers that were suitable for each age.

This was a great easy introductory day to Geology!

There were so many fantastic resources out there to really get the kids crafting hands on with the molten core of our world.  Feel free to browse the Pinterest board provided below and find the activity that works best for you!

Rock On!


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