Solar System

The Solar System- Astronomy Lesson For Preschool

Our Solar System is everything we have learned about this week all rolled up into a single synchronized set of orbits.  That being said, today’s lesson may be a bit more involved then the previous ones, by using art and a tactile manipulative in order to assess our student’s understanding of our planets, sun, and solar system as a whole.

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Daily Warm Up:

Silly Songs:

  • The More We get together
  • 1 little, 2 little, 3 Little Planets..
  • Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star.
  • Clap Your hands as slowly/quickly as you can

Read our featured book of the week. Although is is available here on YouTube, I appreciated having the book at arms lengths for the children to explore, reference, and enjoy through out the entire week. You can find the book here.

Day 5 Solar System

Today is all about understanding our solar system and what it is made of.  

Simple Science Lab: States of Matter

1. Pulling out a tray of ice cubes and have the kids touch it.  These are made out of water.  


  • What do you see?
  • Can their fingers go through it?  
  • How does it feel?

This is called a solid.

2.  Next, pull out a bowl of water, and have the kids place their fingers in it.  


  • What do you see?
  • Can their fingers go through it?
  • How does it feel?

This is called a liquid.

3. Carefully, pour the bowl of water into a pot on the stove, and set it to boil.  Turn your focus to the steam rising above the pot.


  • What doe you see?
  • Can your fingers go through it?
  • How does it feel?

This is called a gas.

Briefly, discuss the difference between the three.

Summative Assessment 

What was the difference between Terrestrial and Jovian planets?  What other difference did we notice about the different planets, color, design, size, etc.?

To conclude the week I purchased this 4M Solar System Planetarium.  This kit included everything, was low maintenance, and three years later has survived two moves and still sits on our bookshelf at home.

I used this as a self-guided summative assessment of understanding for the entire week.  The kids had to research on their own the colors and features of each planet, and the order they were to placed.  As a final note, this is not about painting it perfect, but instead taking the time to be mindful of detail. 


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