Allow Me To Introduce Myself

This is my blog of inspiration; a spot for creative epiphanies to explode into word.   From life’s lessons to lesson plans, this blog is about written therapy, motherhood in Orlando, and all in all my life.


I am a Wife.

I am a Mom.

I am a Step-Mom.

I am a Sister.

I am a Student.

And in it all I am also a Teacher


When I went to college, I studied education.  But I found that we were not being allowed to engage the student’s imagination and make learning fun for them.  Instead, we were forced to teach by rote and fulfill the stifling standards of The No Child Left Behind Act.  The lesson plans that we were supposed to create were dictated by the school and Board of Education and meant to teach students how to pass specific government standard testing.  But we were not teaching students how to love learning.  We were not engaging a student’s imagination and desire to study new subjects.  I lost my love of teaching and did not stay long in the public school system.

When I had my own children the joy of developing creative themed units returned.  And I wanted to ensure that my children developed a love of learning.  I practice “un-schooling”, a method of which I teach the kids through fun activities rather than rigorous structure.  There is freedom to discuss rather than an answer.  Explore rather than guess on a test.  And an opportunity to learn about anything they want.

I hope you join us on this journey as I share lesson plans that are designed to engage your children in fun and imaginative learning experiences.