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5 Wassily Kandinsky Activities For Kids

How drab would the world be without a touch of oddity? Wassily Kandinsky works of whimsy were not simply a product of his imagination but instead simply a representation of how his condition of Synaesthesia allowed him to see sound.  While spending an entire week studying Kandinsky we were able to follow an individual who… Continue reading 5 Wassily Kandinsky Activities For Kids

Claude Monet for Kids
Art Appreciation

Claude Monet Activities For Kids

There was so much that went into impressionism that I spent the entire weekend reading art teacher blog, after art teacher blog compiling all the information I could fathom.  This movement was a cornerstone in art, laying the foundation of many great artists to come.  Such as Fauvism with Matisse and Kandinsky or Post-Impressionism with… Continue reading Claude Monet Activities For Kids

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A Summer of Art For Kids

Week 2: Frida Kahlo Drawing Faces Understanding symbolism Frida's culture Scroll to bottom of post for detailed weekly Art schedule. Despite my grandparents dragging me through art museum after art museum as a child, I was never taught how to enjoy art. Instead I took endless classes on the technical acts of it throughout my… Continue reading A Summer of Art For Kids