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Coronavirus: Coping with our Children Through Creativity

Coronavirus, COVID-19, has seemed to change everything we ever knew or found comfort in.  We live in interesting times.  Globally society has changed, and as much as we want to safeguard our children from all things perceptibly scary, whether we talk to them or not they are exposed to it. This does not have to… Continue reading Coronavirus: Coping with our Children Through Creativity

Solar System

A Lesson on Stars- Astronomy for Kids

Astronomy is perhaps THE all around favorite science for kids of ALL ages.  Who isn't inspired to wonder when following along the milky way just at their zenith.  For me, there was no more magical memory then when dad invited me to gaze at the kaleidoscopic technicolor ball of wonder we call a star through… Continue reading A Lesson on Stars- Astronomy for Kids

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Georgia O’Keeffe Activities For Kids

I planned Georgia O'Keeffe activities this week solely due to our mornings being filled with activities revolving around mummies, pyramids, and dances along the Nile.  I wanted to stick to the idea of deserts, and it also allowed for a bonus opportunity to discuss the differences in varying deserts from the soft sands of the… Continue reading Georgia O’Keeffe Activities For Kids

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A Summer of Art For Kids

Week 2: Frida Kahlo Drawing Faces Understanding symbolism Frida's culture Scroll to bottom of post for detailed weekly Art schedule. Despite my grandparents dragging me through art museum after art museum as a child, I was never taught how to enjoy art. Instead I took endless classes on the technical acts of it throughout my… Continue reading A Summer of Art For Kids

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The Lies My Mother Told Me

My cousins and I would try to bide the time while at our granny's small one room shack by the river.  With no television, no toys, and no other sources of entertainment in the tight quarters our options came down to playing cards, fishing, and quietly using our imagination.  I'd often bide much of my… Continue reading The Lies My Mother Told Me

My Personal Perspective

3 Things A Mom Wants Out of A Children’s Menu

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with cooking competition shows, Cut Throat Kitchen definitely blows all the rest out of the park if I had to choose a favorite. Sometimes I love to hear the perspectives on food from the chefs, it opens my mind to trying new and exciting things.  … Continue reading 3 Things A Mom Wants Out of A Children’s Menu

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Native American Culture Study

This week was a gigantic success.  With a combination of various forms of mediums, repetition, and hands-on experiences I was amazed at just how much my two and four years old grasped about a culture so brilliantly different from our own.  I was nervous going into this week that this was too advanced, that it… Continue reading Native American Culture Study

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We Could Seem So Dull

It all starts with small black marbles meticulously crammed into a simple cardboard tube.  It was perhaps my favorite of science experiments, though still far too over my head to comprehend the point it was supposed to be conveying: Something about reactions Something about combustions I recall a chemistry teacher standing before a world map… Continue reading We Could Seem So Dull

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Seasons of Insanity

It comes in seasons the crazy, and now it's times two.   It is strange, almost eerie really, the cycle our lives seem to fall in.   I wonder sometimes if there is perhaps some celestial being in Heaven who pulls on gravity, and shoves Saturn in just a way to make us periodically out of… Continue reading Seasons of Insanity