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How To Teach Your Child to Read Without Stress

Over the summer I taught my five-year-old to read utilizing phonics.  Though I appreciate the expedient fluency that comes with reading with sight words, I believe every child should have a base knowledge of phonics before being taught solely to rely on memorization to read.  There is far more freedom in developing an understanding of… Continue reading How To Teach Your Child to Read Without Stress

My Personal Perspective

Teaching the “Unteachable”

"We are just a holding cell until they get to big people prison." I shot a look around, was I the only one hearing this?!  At each tiny table students studied with headphones, gossiped with friends, and the whizzing of the milk steamer blared loudly drowning out any sounds of nearby conversation.  I wondered what… Continue reading Teaching the “Unteachable”


All The Feels Unit: Introductory Day

This was our first day back into school since we took a Summer Break from Mid-August to Mid-October, and this is my first year to fully incorporate Baby K in the experience.   With a 2-year-old and an ADD-riffic four-nager the challenge was definitely real today.  Last night I looked over the agenda for today and… Continue reading All The Feels Unit: Introductory Day